UPDATE: Due to popular demand in the marketplace, our inventory is struggling to keep up. As of Wednesday, 01/19/2022 we do have a limited supply IN STOCK and ready to ship within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is my SoniSafe alarm beeping?

Answer: SoniSafe will beep and show a yellow fault light if your alarm is not properly connected. The two most common issues are: 1) Battery back up is switched to the off position. 2) Your alarm is not connected to Wi-Fi or ethernet.

Question: How long does set up take?

Answer: Users can remove the alarm from its packaging and be protecting their entire residence in under 5 minutes. No installation required with SoniSafe.

Question: Where is the best location for my SoniSafe panel?

Answer: Although SoniSafe can operate from anywhere in your residence it is recommended to centrally locate it. This will help you calibrate your alarm easier and allow for the siren to be heard throughout your entire residence and or business.

Question: How many users can connect to one panel?

Answer: Each panel can support up to 6 different users.

Question: Does SoniSafe offer a warranty?

Answer: Please see warranty information here https://sonisafe.com/refund

Question: Will SoniSafe work without monitoring?

Answer: Yes, SoniSafe will sound the alarm if an intruder attempts to make entry regardless if you have monitoring or not.

Question: Can SoniSafe be moved from one location to another?

Answer: Yes, SoniSafe is completely mobile. Simply unplug the alarm and plug it back in at your new location. Log into the app and edit your address. This process can be done in under 5 minutes.

Question: What happens when my alarm is triggered?

Answer: If you are on our basic plan $9.95 a month, you are alerted on your phone and you can disarm your alarm. If you are on our $14.95 or $19.95 plan you are also notified, and our nation-wide monitoring station is notified as well. Our highly trained operators will contact you and dispatch local authorities to your residence.

Question: How do I adjust the sensitivity on my SoniSafe panel?

Answer: Please see page # 12 in your user manual for detailed information on this.

Question: How do I connect my Key Fob to my panel?

Answer: Hold the learn button on the back of your panel for 15 seconds. You will hear the panel beep and see two flashing lights. At this point the panel is in learn mode. Tap the arm button on your key fob, you will hear your panel beep. Allow the panel to exit learn mode and your key fob is now connected.

Question: Will SoniSafe work with my current security cameras?

Answer: SoniSafe takes your privacy very serious. Our cameras are highly encrypted with our panel and because of the heightened security SoniSafe does not support other manufactures cameras currently.

Question: Will SoniSafe call the police if the alarm is triggered?

Answer: Yes, SoniSafe will notify you and dispatch law enforcement to your residence when an alarm is triggered.

Question: Does SoniSafe support my existing home automation devices?

Answer: SoniSafe supports most all, current, Z-Wave devices. We are testing compatibility weekly and the list of compatible devices continues to grow!

Question: What other devices does SoniSafe offer?

Answer: SoniSafe prides itself on staying at the cutting edge of technology we currently offer indoor/outdoor cameras and exterior keypads. Our stand-alone security panel is all you need to secure your entire residence.

Question: Will Sonisafe work in a house with a basement?

Answer: Yes, SoniSafe will work in houses with basements or multiple stories high.

Question: Is SoniSafe pet friendly?

Answer: Yes, SoniSafe does not use motion sensors and does not trigger false alarms with large animals.

Question: Can I activate my alarm while I am home?

Answer: SoniSafe allows you to be secure without sacrificing your convenience. Keep your alarm active and live your life the way you always do without worrying about triggering a false alarm.

Question: Will this work in a concrete block structure?

Answer: Yes, SoniSafe has been tested in in mobile homes, campers, concrete block homes, stick built homes even inside of vehicles, all of which operated flawlessly.